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Air type and strength closed busway
Air type strength-enclosed busway
WX-CFW-K air-enhanced enclosed busway is an improved product based on air-type busway. The busbar conductor is made of electrolytic copper containing more than 99.95% copper, wrapped by polyester insulation film, and then heat-shrinked by PVC heat-shrinkable sleeve. The treatment ensures that the insulation performance of the copper busbar is significantly enhanced, and the phase between the outer casing and the outer casing are separated by a flame-retardant insulating block, and then enclosed in a grounded metal casing. The outer shell is processed by a high-quality cold-pored plate to form a surface after electrostatic spraying, and the anti-corrosion performance is greatly improved.
The protection grade of this product is IP30, IP40 and IP54, which can be flexibly selected according to the environment.
The product has strong interception capability, and the current level can be selected from 400A-6300A. It can be inserted at any position of the busbar as needed, fast installation, convenient tapping and safe use.
This series of busbars are used in power distribution and distribution centers, high-rise commercial and residential buildings, integrated office buildings, factory production lines and large commercial center power distribution systems.
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