How to do the busway offer

basic information
The busway quotation is different from other products, but is calculated according to the unit price. The calculation method may be current (A)* length (m).
The busbar slot has a strong overload capability. It depends on the high temperature of the insulating material used for it. The insulation material for the busway is over-supported with a working temperature of 105 °C. Radiation cross-linking resistance with a working temperature of 140 ° C or higher has been developed. Combustion wrap (PER) and radiation crosslinked polyhydrocarbon heat shrinkable tube.
Branch cable branch heads are expensive, so prefabricated branch cables are still not widely used. When installing the branch cable, you need to cut off the power of the floor, and there is no need to power off when installing the busway.
The busway slot is generally a plug-in mounting tapping method. The so-called plug-in busway is to use the plug-in method to divide the power of the main line into the branch line, leaving a plug-in box every few meters, so the tapping is very convenient.
In the debugging process, the technicians have explored a process model suitable for production according to the standard production process and combined with the actual situation, and accumulated experience for the next stage to realize the mass production of new products.
After the product is put on the market, it can meet the requirements of customers for the production of vertical busbars for high-rise buildings, further expand the sales channels, and enable us to better provide better products and services for our customers.
The busway is divided into straight body quotes and accessories quotation. The straight body section is quoted per ampere per amp. Elbows, flanges, feeder boxes, mounting brackets, etc. are included in the straight section, and some are listed separately for quotation. The box must be a separate quote.
Busway quotation
Busbar quotation With the hugeness of modern construction projects, the requirements for the current overload range of the project are getting higher and higher. In the project, cables of 400 mm and below are generally used for power distribution.
This is why the annual production of busbar slots has been refreshing.
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