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basic information
The supply busway manufacturer is exclusively used for the power supply of fire-fighting equipment and cannot be used for other purposes. Therefore, the kind of busbar has good heat resistance and heat insulation, and the heat energy of the busbar slot cannot be dissipated, so it cannot be used at full load for a long time. Except for the fire-resistant busway, other busbars can be operated at full load for a long time.
We call this busway manufacturer's product: fire-resistant busway.
Due to the excellent performance of the busway on the market, the scope of its use is becoming wider and wider. We will find that there are more and more types of busbar manufacturers.
For example, the common busway or the fireproof smoke spreads the busway shell and the fire compartment. Some shells are coated with fireproof coating, which can reach the fire within the specified time. The busway can operate normally, and the fire burning temperature reaches 800 degrees. The time is 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 60 minutes.
From the general common busway, the supply busbar manufacturer is a new type of conductor formed by using copper or aluminum as a conductor, supporting with non-olefinic insulation, and then loading into a metal groove.
The metal groove of the busway is strong, and the surface of the aluminum alloy is anodized, which has strong anti-oxidation ability.
At the same time of safety, our products use a thickened aluminum alloy casing to enhance the bearing capacity of copper conductors.
Supply busway manufacturers
For more than ten years, the supplier of busbars has been focusing on the comprehensive service of busbar distribution system for R&D, production, sales and installation of busway products. It mainly operates intensive busway, copper conductor busway, closed busway and busbar. Various busway products and accessories such as slot customization.
Therefore, the choice of supply bus trough manufacturers, in fact, the choice of professional manufacturers partners is the best.
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